Sigma: 3D HD Blender

Please tell me I’m not the only one that is beauty sponge crazy… please? Sooooooo many brands have released beauty-blender type products within the last year or so and i CAN’T STOP WON’T STOP! We posted about these new Sigma 3D HD Blenders about two months ago when we got word that our FAV brush brand was releasing a sponge – but now THEY’RE HERE! These cuties launched TODAY! These are truly innovative – which is saying something, considering how flooded the makeup-sponge market is. Not only do these look awesome for foundation & cream products, but I can image they would be PERFECT for baking! Those super sharp edges are made for that!


As I’m sure you know, these are intended to be used damp. The curved edge is for blending in your cream products, like foundation & concealer. The triangular base of the sponge is the perfect shape & size for baking under the eyes! Plus, those sharp edges would be ideal for sharpening up your contour. The possibilities with this sponge are ENDLESS! However, with a $15 price tag, it’s certainly not the most affordable member of the beauty sponge squad. In fact, that’s only a few dollars shy of the infamous Beauty Blender, the OG! YouTube has had some mixed reviews on the shape and performance – most come to love it, but there is clearly a learning curve that comes with such a uniquely shaped product. Check out the reviews below for yourself! And let me know – do you prefer sponges or brushes for your foundation & powder?!


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