LA Splash: UD Brow Mousse

We all know the age-old joke, right? “Take her swimming on the first date.” Well ladies, now he can! Check out LA Splash’s NEW Ultra Define Brow Mousse, launching TOMORROW, 2.22! This brow pomade comes in 6 incredible WATERPROOF shades that are all super creamy – which means the smoothest of applications. Plus, they’re smudge-proof! Is this not the perfect summer brow product?! The line includes shades ranging from warmer browns to cooler, neutral chocolate shades to dusty, grey tones in Hydrangea Taupe, Maple Lily, Cinnamon Daisy, Chocolate Cosmo, Carnaby Orchid & Dhalia. Check out better shots of the shades below!

LA Splash UD Brow Swatches.png


LA Splash UD Brow Swatches 2

I personally prefer a mousse consistency type of product for my brows – they always seem to last SO much longer and look SO much more natural. Plus, it’s just quicker! Who wants to spend a full 10 minutes on their brows in the morning?! Not this girl! What types of brow products are you guys into??

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3 thoughts on “LA Splash: UD Brow Mousse

  1. I’m kinda confused of the order of the swatches and the picture to the right of it, doesn’t really match up

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