Colourpop: New Pressed Shadow Shades 

It’s like Colourpop can’t stop! And we don’t even want them too! One of our most FAV internet brands is bringing us ALL OF THE VALENTINE’S DAY DUOS as SINGLES! And what perfect timing – they’ll drop tomorrow, Valentine’s Day, 2.14!! And to make things even sweeter for the sweetest holiday, they’re also releasing 10 ADDITIONAL SHADES! Just look at those! I bet you didn’t even start reading this post for a solid 32 seconds because you were like, hypnotized by their beauty for a while, right?! Or was that just me…? Either way, we know these are STUNNING! I personally have a few of the pressed shadows & can truly say the formula is incredible! The pigmentation cannot be beat. And now with this shade selection .. there’s just no comparison. Which shades are catching your eyes the most?!


10 thoughts on “Colourpop: New Pressed Shadow Shades 

  1. Great Post, Love the Shades ❤

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  2. I NEED pinky promise! Definitely checking these out, great post! 💕

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