Gerard Cosmetics: New Lip Pencil Shades

Gerard Cosmetics: New Lip Pencil Shades

We don’t want to get redundant here, but this launch might ring a couple of bells – a lip product launching on Valentine’s day! Sound familiar?! Probably, but that’s okay cause we are totally still stoked for this one! Gerard Cosmetics is launching 4 NEW Lip Pencil shades on V-day, 2.14! Gerard Cosmetics is spoken of super highly in the YouTube beauty community, but I hadn’t heard much about the lip pencils in particular so I’ve included a video below that features a first impression & wear test of these beauties so that you can see them in action! One thing I can say, however, is that these shades look AWESOME! Sugar & Spice is a gorgeous pinky nude, Mudslide is a super warm, orangey brown, Red Brick Road leans slightly more pink than red but it SO bright & Night Shift is your favorite vampy, deep brown. Check out those lip swatches! Let’s be real – there is a shade here for literally everyone. They’re so flattering & wearable – perfect for the end of winter! Plus, if you love the shades as they are, you can totally just wear them as a lipstick. Throw a gloss over that sucker & you’ve got a gorgeous lip look! Check out the video below & let us know if you’ve tried these before!

Gerard Cosmetics: New Lip Pencil Shades

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  1. Colors are amazing….

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