Beauty Bakerie: Flour Setting Powder

Beauty Bakerie: Flour Setting Powder

This may or may not be (aka it totally is) one of the most clever & cute new product releases we’ve seen recently – Beauty Bakerie is coming out with their Flour Setting Powder on Friday, 2.24! Now there are two things we just need to take a moment for: first, the packaging. We pretty much can’t. How adorable and creative is that?! We all know that we’re suckers for packaging so we won’t even pretend it’s not drawing us in. Secondly, how much more perfect for this company could this product be – it’s a loose setting powder that can be used for BAKING … from Beauty Bakerie. Like … yes. So cute. Plus, it’s coming in multiple shades – Translucent, Brown, Pink & Yellow (all of which are vegan except for the pink). Needless to say, we will be first in line to pick this up in a few weeks! Will you??


8 thoughts on “Beauty Bakerie: Flour Setting Powder

  1. Eek!! I have been waiting for this to drop, definitely picking up. Thanks for the update!!

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  2. I totally plan on trying it! Happy Sunday!

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  3. I’ve been dying to try this🙌🏼

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