We all know & LOVE e.l.f. – this is no secret. They have arguably the BEST prices at the drugstore coupled with the best availability for incredible quality products that are always at the peak of the trend. Again, no secret. This is common knowledge, right? But okay okay, I’ll tell you the real secret now – they’re offering FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ORDERS FOR TWO DAYS ONLY – tomorrow & Wednesday, 1.24 & 1.25! NO CODE NEEDED! Alright, now the word is out. And I know you’re probably all like me – you’ll drop $60 worth of product into your cart but stare for many long minutes at the screen contemplating that $4.95 shipping charge. It really is the ultimate struggle. But not anymore! Well, not tomorrow and Wednesday. Just in case you need some help deciding what you’re going to load up on to take advantage of this awesome promo, I’ve complied a list of some of my FAVORITE e.l.f. products that I just know you’ll love!

1. The Ultimate Blending Brush


This truly is the brush of all brushes when it comes to foundation. Don’t let the $6 price tag fool you – this brush gives my $25 Sigma F80 a run for it’s money. I’ve had this same brush for over a year and have had not single complaint. The quality of this is truly incredible – the handle is very firmly attached to the brush head, the bristles do not shed AT ALL & are packed just densely enough to provide excellent blendability while also packing on just the right amount of product for flawless coverage. One of the best parts of this brush is that it doesn’t absorb much product, which is great for the longevity of our beloved foundations but also makes this super easy to clean, too! You can also totally use it for more than just foundation! That’s my favorite use for it but it would also be great for powder, blush and bronzer. I just can’t say enough good things. Emily Noel is one of my favs when it comes to reviews. Check out her video below to see this beautiful brush in action. I’ve also included one from Bailey B, another incredible YouTube reviewer.


2. Acne Fighting Foundation


Well look at that transition – right from the perfect foundation brush to the perfect foundation! This one is one of e.l.f.’s best sellers & once I gave it a shot, I knew exactly why. Though I did not go after it for the acne fighting benefits, it certainly doesn’t hurt. What I love it for is the coverage! For a a $6 foundation, it truly cannot be beat. This offers me totally full coverage with a super soft, satin finish. I worried at first that the Salicylic acid in it might irritate my poor, sensitive skin and result in a possible breakout, but NOPE! It did exactly what it needed to – evened out my skin tone, covered any minor blemishes and lasted ALL day! Now, to be fair, I don’t typically have issues with products lasting on me & have the definition of normal skin, but that should not discredit this beauty in the slightest. It will easily become your new favorite, too! The only gripe I have is the very limited shade selection, but that isn’t uncommon in drugstore foundation lines. I suggest purchasing two shades if you’re unsure and then mixing to create your perfect shade! The QUEEN of foundation reviews (Thataylaa) featured this superstar in a few videos, be sure to check them out below!


3. Contour Palette


Another best seller & another no brainer is e.l.f.’s contour palette. Now I know what you might be thinking – if you’re anything like me, you’re hesitant when it comes to these types of products. Do I really want to commit to ALL 4 items included in the palette? Will I even use them all? What if only one or two work out for me?? Well calm those worries, this is surely the palette to lay all of those fears to rest. I rarely go more than a few days without using this. I almost never hit pan on my powder products but nearly all 4 of these shades are practically GONE! That’s a true testament to my love for this little guy. The palette offers a super warm bronzer shade that can be perfectly coupled with the cooler contour shade for a flawlessly sculpted face. The highlighting powders are SUPER finely milled, very creamy and sit soooooo beautifully under the eyes. I’ve even tried baking with them & they work FLAWLESSLY in any & all applications. The shades included here are so versatile that I think most skin tones would be able to work with them in some fashion. And wait, I have another secret – the pans can be removed from the palette if you want to switch one or two out for some other blush, bronzer or highlight shades from another e.l.f. palette! How cool is that?! Of course, you can check it out in action in the video from Lindsey below! Tati also reviews this palette along with the others in a video, too!



If you’re still looking for more suggestions, we’ve got you covered! Laura Lee posted a NEW video TODAY featuring an ENTIRE face of e.l.f. products! She’s hilarious and super informative – you’ll surely get a bunch of ideas of items you may want try out while shipping is still FREE!


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