Single shadows are some of our faves, especially when it comes to Coloured Rain! They are launching BRAND NEW SHADES of their single shadows TOMORROW, 1.13 at 9 am PST/12 pm EST! In total there will be 9 new shades released – Angel Face (matte), Birthday Suit (satin), Cinnamon Lust (satin), Gumby (matte), Hot Cocoa (matte), Majestic (matte), Native (matte), S’mores (satin) and Vintage (satin). But they’re not stopping there – they’re also dropping one NEW DUOCHROME METALLIC MATTE liquid lipstick in the shade Jade at the same time! Woooooahhhh, we get lippes AND shadows all at once! We love that! We couldn’t find swatches but check out the video below to see some of Coloured Rain’s other shades in action!


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