LA Splash Diamond Dust Eyeshadow

LA Splash has been hyping their new Diamond Dust Eyeshadow like crazy lately and we don’t blame them! These new eyeshadows just look sooooo beautiful. The swatches below really show how much amazing pigmentation and glitter these have! These are LA Splash’s first time doing eyeshadows and from what we’ve seen in reviews, the pigmentation is just crazy!

LA Splash Diamond Dust Eyeshadow Swatches

Some bloggers and reviewers have said that the pigmentation is so strong that it may be a bit tough to layer them, but I think that is pretty obvious from these swatches, these are fun, bright, vivid eyeshadows that let’s you really have your eyes pop and stand out in a crowd! Perfect for that clubbing/party look? We think so!

LA Splash Diamond Dust Eyeshadow Swatches 2

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Colors in order from left to right, top to bottom:
Smokey Quartz, Helios, Stardust, Kessel, Stellar, Gravity, Celestial, Psionic, Dragon Dust, Nude Diamonds, Parralax, Wisp, Bronze, North Star, Celestial, Psionic.