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September BOXYCHARM ♡ Unboxing & Try On!


BOXYCHARM is my freaking JAM! I was so excited to film a video showing you guys everything in September’s edition. *SPOILER ALERT* I love it ALL! This is by far the best subscription services for beauty out there! There are normally 4-5 full size products in each box but this one had 6! It costs $21 a month but the total value of the items in this month’s box added up to $141… yeah. INSANE! I tried on everything in the box (besides one, you’ll see!) for you guys in the video and fell in love right on screen. I get soooooo excited when a new month rolls in because this box is just that good! Check out the video to see what I got and what I thought. Also, let me know what you thought of your box this month! And, of course, if you would like to subscribe, we would LOVE to have you! Keep up with the FOMOfam and stay tuned for more videos!


LA Girl: PROBrush Collection

LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 2

A FIRST from LA Girl Cosmetics – YAY! They are releasing their new PROBrush Collection on Thursday, 9.21! The collection will include 12 face brushes, 8 eye brushes & 1 lip brush! That is a perfect, complete set! LA Girl as a whole is certified cruelty free so you know no fur babies were harmed in the making of these beauties! The handles are made of authentic birch wood from sustainable forests! SO COOL!

LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 4

Like we said, this set is LOADED! If you are just starting out wth makeup or just need to revamp your brush collection, this is your sign – do it! The set features EVERY face brush you could ever need (including a few types of stippling brushes, a blush brush, a foundation brush & a selection of bronzer/contour and powder brushes) as well as an ideal assortment of eye brushes (including shader size brushes, a few blending brushes and liner brushes). The lip brush is definitely a little added bonus.

Not only are these super beautiful & high end looking, but they’re also made with super high quality products! But you know the very best part, right? They’re going to be a freaking STEAL – that’s what we can’t resist about L.A. Girl. They hit us with incredible products at a low, lovable price tag! What’s not to love?! L.A. Girl is carried at Ulta but these aren’t launching there YET! But we’ve got our eyes out!


LA Girl Cosmetics PROBrush Collection 5

Kat Von D: Saint & Sinner Palette

Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette 2.png

You ALREADY KNEW this was a KVD special before even reading the title, huh?? It’s just the epitome of her style, am I right?! Kat Von D is releasing a unique NEW Limited Edition eyeshadow palette called Saint & Sinner on Tuesday, 9.19! The palette will be available in US & Canada at Sephora & Kat’s own website, but won’t be released in other countries until October (meh, sorry guys!). The palette includes 24 bold, bomb shades and will cost – wait for it – $62. Oh, and, it’s 100% vegan.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m just not into this, at all. The colors just seem kind of random and, clearly, not the most wearable. The whole layout lacks cohesion. And, honestly, it’s a little cheap looking to me. Am I crazy?! Maybe it’s just me but I can’t get down with these oversized, bulky palettes. They seem almost childish, not to mention impractical to actually use on a daily basis with the awkward size/shade and big flap doors. Ahhhh, some of you are probably thinking I’m insane but I just cannot fathom paying $62 for this! Would you drop that kind of cash on this?? Let us know, we would LOVE to hear your take on it!


Kat Von D Saint and Sinner Palette

TBT ♡ Full Face Using ALL Throwback &(mostly) Drugstore Products! ♡

Our weekly YouTube video is now LIVE! ♡ Wooooot! Go check it out! In this one, I was inspired to shop my stash and dust off some older products that I haven’t reached for in forever! It’s almost all drugstore (aside from 3 items) so it’s also mostly super afforable, yoo! Here at MakeupFOMO, we are all about the NEWEST, hottest, up-and-coming makeup releases but sometimes, we get so caught up in trying out new stuff that we lose sight of the products we used to LOVE! So in this video, I give these oldies but goodies some love and also challenge you to do the same! You might rediscover some old favorites that you totally forgot you can’t live without. If you try this out, pleaseeeeee let us know! We love to hear from you ♡ We would also looooooove if you subscribed to the channel to keep in touch with everyone in the FOMOfam on YouTube! Thanks so so much for watching!


Huda Beauty: Desert Dusk Palette | First Look + Swatches

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette 3.png

Brace yourself for the second coming of Subculture-style eyeshadow palette-shaming, everyone. I think it’s here. Huda Beauty is launching her new Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette on Monday, 9.18! It will be available at Sephora, Cult Beauty, & Huda’s own website. That image on the outer packaging is completely stealing the show right now, it is sooooooo STUNNING! The inner packaging is an upgrade from previous palettes, too, because this one has a MIRROR! You know how we feel about mirrors – swooooooon. Prior releases had a clear cover over the shadows and, hence, no mirror. We appreciate the new moves, Huda.


This lovely, mostly war-toned palette, includes 8 matte shades, 6 pressed pearl shades, 3 duo-chrome toppers and 1 pure glitter. The mattes are highly pigmented and creamy, ranging from soft nude shades to medium transition tones & some incredible bold pops of color in purple and orange! The pressed pearls are highly shimmer to add lots of intensity and dimension to your look – they look absolutely gorgeous and will seriously POP on the lid. The duo-chrome toppers are what I’ve got my eye on – you too, right?! These were specifically included in the palette to represent the ever-changing illusions of the desert (we love the dedication to the theme, for real). They each transform ever so slightly in the light to add that drama and luminosity to your look. And lastly, that sole, lonely pure glitter. Freaking breathtaking. It’s a combination of magenta, bronze and golden tones (ahhhh!) that can be used on the lid OR for liner! You’ll just want to make sure you use some additional product to help it adhere to your lid just right. Obviously, this is a beautiful palette with an incredible assortment of shades & finishes! There is certainly a unique component to this beauty! But there’s more…

Now remember that drama I mentioned… yeah. Check out the video above for a little more insight but, basically, we are having some subculture-like issues here. In the video, you’ll see the INSANE amount of kick up in the pans (to the point where the palette is completely trashed) and fall out ALL OVER the face! Plus, there is a serious blending issue. As in, no blending at all. It seems as though the colors don’t even stick to the skin at all but, rather, end up simply removing from the eye as soon as a brush passes over it. But, keep in mind, just like Subculture, there are going to be some users that have a terrible experience (like Michael) and some that aren’t so bad (like the ladies below).

My advice? Just do your research first or, better yet, stop into Sephora to see it in person before making the leap to purchase. There may be dud batches, a newer more lightly pressed formula (likely as we’ve heard her previous palettes did NOT have these issues) or simply user error. Whatever the case, just approach with caution. If you do try it out, PLEASE let us all know what you think! We are dying to hear some more reviews!


Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Eyeshadow Palette 2

Tom Ford: Boys & Girls Lippies

Tom Ford Beauty Boys and Girls Lipsticks 3.png

This might seriously be the biggest collection release in 2017 – possibly ever! Tom Ford is releasing a massive lipstick collection called Boys & Girls on Friday 9.15! Brace yourself for this… but this collection consists of 100 new mini lipstick shades, broken down into 50 Boys shades & 50 Girls shades. Yeah, I know. I TOLD YOU! A freaking hundred new shades in a single launch. Insane.

We still can’t believe it – the line will include multiple different textures & finishes and, obviously, a TON of shades! The line will range from simple & neutral all the way to bold & outlandish, plus everything in between. The mini size is also SO.FREAKING.CUTE! It is perfect for your clutch! The only hang up we already know we are going to have – the price. We don’t know for sure, but it looks as though these are going to retail for $36. This might not seem outrageous for your standard Tom Ford lippie but for a mini with like, a third of the amount of product in it? Uh uh. We are suuuuuuper impressed with this massive launch but we are hesitant to see what the price tag will be. Once we know, so will you! Just stay tuned!


Tom Ford Beauty Boys and Girls Lipsticks

Morphe X Ourfa: Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick

Morphe X Ourfa Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick.png

COLLAB ALERT! We just love collabs the most, ahh! The newest is from Morphe – they’re launching their newest collab with renowned LA makeup artist/ YouTuber Ourfa Zinali on Thursday, 9.14! The collab includes a Lip Pencil & Liquid Lipstick in the shade Vinyl – a set including BOTH will retail for $15 on Morphe‘s website. It doesn’t appear as though they will be sold separately.

Morphe X Ourfa Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick Swatches

The inspo for this shade & name are rooted in the 90s babes that rocked these rusty reds back in the day – so retro! We LOVE the combo set concept, too! The lip liner helps you achieve the super fine, precise line and also fill in the lips to increase longevity! The liquid lipstick is the perfect topper with additional coverage and pigmentation. Mostly, though, it’s the price that can’t be beat. These come out to $7.50 each – what?! I mean, we all know and love Morphe for being there for those ballin on a budget without skimping on quality. Compared to a Kylie Lip Kit, these are a freaking steal and, truthfully, will probably give those lippies a run for their money in terms of quality, pigmentation and longevity. We can’t WAIT to try these!


Morphe X Ourfa Lip Liner & Liquid Lipstick 2